Community Building Through Volunteers

Riverbend ROCKS connects people living in the Brander Gardens Civida complex to a range of supports that promote social inclusion, community connection and enhanced quality of life.

Community Garden
A team of volunteers built five picnic tables in three days. Their efforts are appreciated!
Community Garden
Have you visited the Riverbend ROCKS Garden in our community complex? Thanks to our dedicated team of Water Warriors!

Riverbend ROCKS (Reaching Out to Community and Kids Society) is a local non-profit organization that connects families living in the Brander Gardens Civida complex and elsewhere in our community to a range of accessible opportunities and supports that promote social inclusion, community connection and enhanced quality of life.

We are thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who have contributed to leveraging resources and sustaining wrap-around support to our community in many aspects, such as the community garden project. Volunteers’ time, hard work, passion, skills and joyful spirits have made our garden a beautiful and welcoming place for everyone to enjoy diverse and intergenerational activities. We are proud of the amazing work our volunteers have done: they not only helped us plant delicious and healthy food but also strengthened a sense of belonging in our community.

Big thanks to everyone who volunteered in planning, planting, watering and keeping the garden clean; children and youth, Corine Ann-Marie St Jean, Jackie Holmes, Sheryl Bowhay, John Gaunt, Louise Lavers, Donna McGonigle and Alison Hughes (and their families, who never failed to make it fun and easy work). Most importantly, thanks to our kids (the Water Warriors) who, with Nadine Jorgensen’s supervision, showed up even on rainy days to prove that our garden is in good hands.

We completed the garden by having picnic tables in the green space where families can gather and have quality time. This wouldn’t be possible without the unique and skilled team of volunteers who built five beautiful picnic tables in three days! We appreciate the dedication of Rob Agostinis, Norman Journault, Bill Bromling, Fisher Smith, Mohamud Warsame, Salman Muhammad, Ali Altaf, Noah Jorgensen, Connor McLuckie, Abbas Abbadi and Ali Al-dallal.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to volunteer with us, as we acknowledge the impact of our volunteers in building community at Riverbend ROCKS.

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