Community Engagement

Community Suppers

Our Community Suppers are some of our most memorable and beloved events, where the entire community gathers to make and share food. These suppers bring together community partners, volunteers, board members, neighbours, staff, and friends, creating a sense of togetherness.

Suppers are a true community effort, with members of our community coming together to make authentic food that reflects the diverse backgrounds of our residents. These events also feature the arts, with music and dance providing a platform to showcase the rich cultural heritage of our community.

Door to Door Outreach, Connection & Relationship Building

Our commitment to our community goes beyond just programming. Our staff members strive to build meaningful relationships with our neighbours by engaging in Door-to-Door Outreach. By taking the time to connect with families where they are at, we can better understand their needs and support them in achieving their goals. This approach not only fosters trust and respect; it empowers our community members to be active participants in shaping their own future.

Riverbend ROCKS Home Gatherings

Our programming is designed to celebrate our diversity and provide opportunities for families and neighbours to connect and build relationships amongst each other. We are enthusiastic about inviting our families, partners, volunteers, and board members to celebrate and strengthen our relationships. Our new home in the complex is a welcoming space for drop-ins and programming.

Complex Community Garden

Our Community Garden provides a unique opportunity for neighbours to connect and grow a stronger sense of community. Vegetables are planted in a variety of garden beds, providing a shared resource for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Parents and children alike participate in the care of the garden: special thanks to our Wednesday Water Warriors! Community members share valuable knowledge and experience, inspiring individuals to grow food in their own backyards. Our garden encourages healthy eating, and impacts food security and sustainability within our community.

Community Sports

Community Soccer

Through partnerships with organizations within the City of Edmonton, we are proud to facilitate the participation of many families in Community Soccer.

We assist families in the application process and work to connect them with resources and support to obtain the necessary equipment so their children can fully participate. By making these activities accessible, we are not only creating memories that last a lifetime, but also empowering families to build meaningful connections within their community.